The Barnes & Noble leather-bound books are so beautiful and I must have them all. 


The Barnes & Noble leather-bound books are so beautiful and I must have them all. 

Shock of shocks: I’m actually enjoying tv again

Fall season has surprised me because it’s been a while since I’ve watched TV with so much interest.

Doctor Who: By the second episode of the current season I realized that I intensely miss Matt Smith.  Peter Capaldi is a tremendous force as the Doctor and it’s nice to see Clara finally more fleshed out, but I don’t know…I keep wishing Matt had stayed.  Anyway, the more developed stories are nice to see.

OUAT: I think I’ve missed two seasons now because I’m not an Emma Swan fan.  But I really enjoyed this season’s premiere.  The Frozen addition is cool and Regina…I will just always love watching Regina.

Selfie: I don’t know…I saw the premiere early and it has glitches, but it’s also kind of funny.  Not totally sure about this, but it’s cool to me to see Karen in a show on ABC and I’ve always loved John Cho since Harold and Kumar…

How To get Away with Murder: I was intrigued when I heard it was with Viola Davis (The Help…love that movie).  Oh and she and everyone else is just so good in this.  The show is smart, full of intrigue and it’s no wonder the premiere rated so well.

Red Band Society: I’ve read all these criticisms about it and I guess it’s sinking in the ratings, but I don’t know.  I kind of like it.  And Octavia Spencer…since The Help…another fave of mine.  So I can only hope it will last.

Gotham: Some of my current reblogs probably say it.  I love David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne and who I think The Riddler might be.  Just the whole show has sucked me in and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Okay random Fall TV post over for me… :)

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Fangirl challenge: [4/10] pairings » Francis Valois & Mary Stuart (Reign)

I’ll pressure you, and listen to you, and argue with you, and love you until the day I die. Together we will decide what is right, as husband and wife.

It’s a mistake. You’ve made a boyfriend error!

Who are they?
Courtney Woods’ mum and dad.
Can someone else do them first?
Not a problem, mate. I can cope with anything tonight.




With all my heart.

In the second one, it feels like he is realizing just how close he came to actually losing her forever. Look at the relief on his face. Very well acted. 

It’s truly a great pairing with her expression. While his is a sigh of her relief for what he almost lost, hers is one of contentment. She’s home now. She doesn’t know what or why or how she was “away”, but now she safe and at home.


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